The first ever Polish Championships in natural bodybuilding and fitness will take place in Warsaw on October 29, 2023.


Time: Sunday, October 29, 2023, gates open at 10:00. (*this is the day of change from summer to winter time)


Place: MCER Marki, street Wspólna 40, 05-260 Marki


Event program:



Junior U20 Bodybuilding


Junior U24 Men’s Physique

Junior U24 Bodybuilding

Men’s Physique 3 or 4 classes

Bodybuilding 3 or 4 classes

Bikini 1 or 2 classes


WK x TEAMNATURAL debate, opportunity to interact, take part in the debate and ask questions about natural bodybuilding.


Tournament: WK Challenge with prizes for the audience.



Junior U20 Bodybuilding


Junior U24 Men’s Physique

Junior U24 Bodybuilding

Men’s Physique 3 or 4 classes

Bodybuilding 3 or 4 classes

Bikini 1 or 2 classes


End of the Polish Championships, opportunity for integration and joint souvenir photos.


The cost of a ticket for the public is EUR 14 (equivalent to PLN 65) intended to support the organization of the competition. It is not possible to purchase tickets at the on-site ticket offices. Sale only online. Until seats for the public are filled.


The number of seats is limited due to the fact that the MCER hall is designed for 350 people, and priority in booking tickets is given to competitors who will certainly want to invite their families and friends.

29 X 2023, Warsaw, history in making.

Information for athletes:


Due to the specificity of the WNBF federation and mandatory polygraph tests, the number of international competitors in Poland is very, limited.

Therefore, we kindly ask athletes who do not have a valid test for the so-called „lie detector” (performed at the WNBF competition this season within 42 days before the day of Polish Championships) to register immediately to avoid disappointment and technical inability to start.




Men’s categories*:

Junior BODYBUILDING U20, under 20 years of age. (19 years + 364 days on the competition date)

Junior BODYBUILDING U24, under 24 years of age (23 years + 364 days on the competition date)

Junior Men’s Physique U24, under 24 years of age. (23 years + 364 days on the start date) so-called Men’s Physique U24

Bodybuilding (division with weight categories)

Men’s Physique (division with height categories)


Women’s categories*:

Bikini (division with height categories)

*WNBF Poland reserves the right to adjust the divisions of weight and height categories depending on the number of entries in order to ensure balanced competition.




Before entering the competition, each competitor must be verified by a professional polygraph test, the so-called lie detector to verify the player’s purity throughout his entire career. (The polygraph procedure is described in detail below.)


All winners and randomly selected competitors are subject to physical anti-doping control both during the competition and during the off-season. Samples for inspection will be collected by specially trained staff and verified by WADA accredited laboratories.


By taking part in the WNBF Polish Championships, the athlete agrees to be subject to a program of random anti-doping tests during the off-season period.


WNBF Poland reserves the right to disclose anti-doping results to the public.


All costs of testing physical samples are at the expense of WNBF Polska.




Verification of competitors takes place before polygraph tests on October 27 and 28, the exception is double weight verification in the case of competitors competing in bodybuilding, the final weigh-in takes place on Saturday evening, October 28, before the technical briefing of all competitors.


All competitors are asked to wear their competition suit for height or weight measurement, this is an element of verification.


Competitors from the bodybuilding category are asked to send approximately 60 seconds of a musical fragment for the art posing routine in the finals to mp3 format. The name of the file and the title of the email must be the player’s name and surname




During the competition, it is strictly forbidden to wear competition suit outside the backstage, stage and the so-called designated photo area wall. You are athletes and you have to stay humble, modest and respect the human body.

Women have their own zone backstage. Please maintain this clear rule out of respect for the mental and physical comfort of WNBF female athletes.

Join WNBF, the best and the biggest natural bodybuilding federation in the world!

WNBF Poland  federation membership card:


Having an active WNBF membership card in the case of international competitors ,  or purchasing a WNBF membership card in the case of competitors living in Poland is a condition for participation in WNBF competitions.

The cost of the WNBF Poland card is 60 Euro. (276 PLN)

The card is a physical card similar to a credit card, a competitor with an active membership card is entitled to take part in all WNBF competitions in Europe and around the world, except for PRO competitions and competitions requiring qualifications.

The cards will be available for you during verification or will be sent to the e-mail address provided if the payment for the competition is received 14 days before 29th X 2023.


Selecting a category:


Selecting the main category and possibly (optionally) the so-called cross-category, if the competitor plans to compete in more than one category.

The cost of the main category is 70 Euro (322 PLN). The cost of the added, second category is 50%- 35 Euro (161 PLN).

We recommend that juniors move to higher age categories to gain more stage experience, and in the case of symmetrical, proportional (top/bottom) physiques, we recommend starting in both men’s categories, adapting the posing appropriately to the category.

We do not recommend transfers to bodybuilding for athletes with less developed leg muscles.


Polygraph test, the so-called lie detector:


It is mandatory for each competitor to have a valid polygraph examination confirming the status of an honest, natural athlete, carried out by the WNBF federation a maximum of 42 days before the competition.

If a competitor has not competed in WNBF competitions this season or more than 42 days have passed since his previous start, he is obliged to undergo a polygraph examination in Poland.

Polygraph in Poland is VERY LIMITED option for international athletes, we are truly sorry, but we can’t polygraph more than 20 of you, that’s why we recommend to book your polygraph as fast as possible.

WNBF Poland will provide athletes with a professional polygraph test service on October 26th 27th and 28th, 2023. The cost of the polygraph test is EUR 60 (PLN 276).

The date and time of the polygraph examination will be assigned to the athlete upon completion of the athlete registration process. Please be available on the days indicated above.

In order to take the test, it is mandatory to read all the rules and prohibited substances included in the list on the WNBF OFFICIAL website.

Banned substances list should be read carefully, with attention, word by word, even if the banned substance is difficult to understand it still should be analysed by your eyes. For people who do not regularly speak English, a translator is recommended.

Stress during a polygraph test is completely normal and does not affect the test results; it is almost impossible for a person telling the truth to fail the polygraph test „by mistake”.

A positive opinion from a polygraph expert must be presented before the athlete is allowed to go on stage. The opinion of the polygraph expert is independent of WNBF Poland and thoroughly and ultimately respected.

Skin tanning and service before going on stage:


WNBF Poland will provide competitors with a professional and completely stress-free tanning service for competitions.

Spray tanning for the competition will be carried out on the day of the competition, in the designated backstage area.

Spray tanning will be performed by a professional company, using top-class bronzing cosmetics from Jan Tana.

A competitor who decides to use a professional browning service will be contacted by a specialist who will guide him step by step through the skin preparation process before the competition.

Men’s competitors who use the bronzing service will also receive the service of equalizing the color of their face and body with bronzing powder.

Experts from the bronzing company assist the competitor until they go on stage and ensure that the skin tone and glow are in the best possible condition.

The cost of the tanning service with expert care is EUR 60 (PLN 276).

We recommend using the services of professionals for anyone who wants to be sure of a stress-free process of achieving perfect skin condition, especially since the full service is at a more attractive price than just purchasing a set of cosmetics.

Regarding the facility’s skin browning policy for all players:

It is absolutely forbidden to use bronzer outside the designated zone.

Last minute bronzing may not be possible, so competitors not using a professional service are asked to come with their tan ready and only make subtle touch-ups if necessary. Applying a full layer of bronzer may not be possible due to the limited capabilities of the designated zone.

Absolutely no tanning with dream tan or other abrasive bronzers. The use of such bronzer is simply disqualification.


A trainer or a close person backstage, the so-called „backstage-pass”:


We kindly ask you to understand that the athletes’ backstage is not a place for group meetings.

Many competitors want to take a seat in comfortable conditions and wait in peace and focus for an event that is very important to them, for which they have often worked for years. Therefore, we respect the rule – one competitor, one person helping you backstage. The coach or other accompanying person is fully able to help the athlete with warm-up or other necessary tasks.

The cost of a backstage pass is twice the price of a regular ticket, 28 Euro (PLN 130).

We encourage athletes to get to know each other and build relationships, the people you share backstage with share exactly the same values ​​in their hearts. It is a place where friendships can be born for many years forward..




Athletes have a blocked pool of tickets for their families and loved ones. The pool of tickets is reserved until October 10, 2023.

During registration, please indicate the number of people you would like to invite. The ticket price is 14 Euro (65 PLN) per person. The total amount for tickets will be added to the competitor’s entire starting package.

We sincerely encourage players to use the reserved pool of tickets and, if necessary, settle the ticket with their loved ones later, because we want your loved ones to be able to be with you on this undoubtedly special day. We loyally warn you that when the pool becomes available for public, the „first come, first served” principle applies and we have no influence on who receives the available tickets.




It is no secret that the first ever Polish Championships in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness will definitely be the most media-covered bodybuilding show event in the history of Poland.

The combination of the forces of the WK DZIK x TEAMNATURAL is able to ensure a total of hundreds of thousands of eyes turned towards the best natural physiques on the WNBF stage.

We believe that the competitors will see this as a great honor and reward and will make every effort to show the best possible side of body sport.

We have another great news for the athletes, because in addition to professional materials and reports created for media channels, as a gift from WNBF, we will prepare a professional photo and video report completely free of charge so that the you have a souvenir, as well as materials needed for self-promotion in social media. Thank you for all WNBF tags.

TRULY TESTED! WNBF, where the elite compete.

Registration form:


Attention! Completing the online registration form does not guarantee full registration for the competition.

Within 48 hours of completing the form, the WNBF Poland secretariat will send you a return e-mail with a summary of the costs resulting from your form and detailed information on payment methods. Therefore, please double-check your email address in the form.

Posting your payment is tantamount to full registration.

If you do not receive a response to your form from WNBF Poland within 48 hours, please contact us urgently at:

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