WNBF is the largest and the most competitive natural bodybuilding federation in the world.  We have been restoring the good name of bodybuilding and fitness for over 30 years.

Our organisation has a global range and you can find us in over 50 countries, on every single continent. And we are still growing! WNBF is doing all of this for one simple reason. We want to protect the real sport and we care about athletes who are putting in the real effort. This is our mission number 1!

We serve bodybuilders who want to present their work effects on a global stage and compete in the sport, which is still based on the fair-play rules.

No doping, no connections, no controversions… Here only pure sport matters!

2024 Natural Bodybuilding Championships of Poland are going to take place on the last weekends of October or first weekend of November in central Poland! Registration for international athletes will be opened in June 2024!

TEAMNATURAL x WK DZIK cooperate together to create the best ever media coverage for bodybuilding event in Poland!

In XXI centruy online exposition can be more valuable than gold. Only in this way a niche sport ceases to be niche and the athlete’s success can be noticed and really change his life.

Our common desire is for honest competitors appearing on the WNBF Poland stage to have opportunities to promote their history to the widest possible group of iron sport enthusiasts.

The media patronage of WK TEAM combined with the reach of TEAMNATURAL and the creators and athletes cooperating with us is the so-called „game changer”! Our joint effort is able to generate unprecedented viewership of competition coverage in our country! In total, we are talking about millions of views of competition-related materials!

This is absolute domination in this field already at the first competition in history! No other federation can even come close to the exposure that WNBF Poland will offer its athletes!

We promise that we will not rest until honest and clean physique sport reigns in Poland in every way possible!

The largest and the most competitive natural bodybuilding federation in Poland!

Join us!

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100% fair play. Only stage matters.

Pure Sport

At WNBF, the rule is simple: „The stage verifies everything.” When you compete with us, you can be sure of an honest and professional assessment of your physique by absolutely independent judges. We say stop to closed systems, that destroy our sport! Full transparency of the work of the judges panel is one of the foundations of our federation.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you know, who is your coach or who sponsors you, also it doesn’t matter how many hearts you have on your Instagram posts. The only thing that matters is the fact that: „The stage verifies everything.”

Our judges are primarily looking for beautiful, classic, athletic lines and a symmetrical body. At WNBF, aesthetics and proportions win with artificial extremes. The combination of high condition and the development of muscle mass proportional to the category you choose. You can check the precise judging criteria for each category here.

WNBF Poland will hold 4 disciplines divided into categories. Female: bikini and figure, and men’s categories: bodybuilding and men’s physique. The categories will be divided into classes, including WNBF Poland will offer junior classes, which will be judged taking into account the requirements proportional to the lower experience level of younger athletes.

We simply know how important it is to create a starting platform for young generation of athletes, who want to compete on a fair-play basis, definitely rejecting steroids and other forms of doping. Introducing young people to our sport is one of the main missions of the WNBF federation.

Anti-doping and protection of athletes’ morality are our ABSOLUTE PRIORITY!

Anti doping

Our anti-doping standards are unique in the world, nobody does what we do! These are standards that surpass even Olympic-level sports under the control of WADA.

Our competitors are subject to physical anti-doping control during the competition season and the non-competition season through random tests, their samples are verified by accredited WADA laboratories. And each athlete joining the WNBF competition is associated with a mandatory, professional polygraph test (the so-called lie detector) to verify the purity of the athlete in the perspective of his entire career and the period between physical anti-doping tests.


Compared to other disciplines, our anti-doping solutions are definitely above standard, but unfortunately our sport is extremely brutally affected by a huge wave of doping, classic blood and urine tests are not enough to protect the efforts of honestly working athletes. That is why we are pioneers in this field and we will do everything necessary to make the sport of bodybuilding pure and able to call itself a real sport based on the principles of fair-play.

When it comes to fight against doping… There is no place for compromises. Zero tolerance policy is guaranteed with WNBF!

All the necessary anti-doping information and a list of measures and prohibited methods based on the WADA system can be found here.

About us

Mariusz Mario Czerniewicz (president WNBF Poland)

One of the most successful athletes of physique sports in Poland, multiple IFBB champion, the first Pole in history to win the IFBB PRO Physique card. The first ever European athlete who did it naturally, without the use of anabolic steroids.

For over 10 years he has been working as a body sports trainer and shares his knowledge and experience on many levels of social media, clearly supporting the promotion of clean sport and fair competition.

In 2022, he officially said goodbye to the IFBB PRO federation because he morally disagreed with the direction of the federation. At the same time, in the same year, he opened a new chapter in the history of Polish bodybuilding by bringing the largest natural bodybuilding federation, WNBF, to Poland.

Karolina Krawczyk (v-ce president WNBF Poland)

An athlete with roots in Olympic sport. Representative of the national team, who won medals for Poland from an early age, competing at the highest world level. For over 10 years of her career, she was a part of the strict WADA anti-doping program. This vast experience allows her to perfectly understand the athletes and bring them closer to the idea of pure sport based on fair-play principles.

She works as a fitness and strength trainer, specialised in working with women.

In 2022, she became the president of the WNBF Poland federation, she is responsible for the development of females categories and oversees the anti-doping process of the WNBF Poland.

EKIPA WK (official partner of WNBF Poland)

The history of the WK TEAM begin… At the gym! A gym that, over time, turned from a simple passion for training into a way of life. Strength training was, is and will be one of the foundations of the WK TEAM!

Promoting a natural bodybuilding was something that was WK’s main idea for social media activities from the very beginning.

The old-fashioned world of fitness, which believed in the rightness of restrictions, needed someone who would break the pattern of constant sacrifices. Robur, Saker, Ponczek and Owca wanted to prove that outstanding sports results can be achieved without doping and without a sterile diet! Many years of work in this matter have confirmed this thesis! Numerous medals and cups won on bodybuilding stages and weightlifting platforms have become unquestionable proof of the correctness of the chosen direction.

By creating a sports brand and operating on YouTube, they have been promoting sports among Poles for 10 years, and when the opportunity arose to promote natural sports even more strongly, the decision was very simple. This is how WK DZIK officially becomes a partner of WNBF Poland, and therefore the patron of the development of natural bodybuilding in Poland. Sportowa Polsko… Get ready!

Together we will change this game.


If you want to talk to us, have any questions or are interested in establishing cooperation with WNBF Poland, please write to us on our official e-mail: kontakt@wnbf.pl

We will definitely answer!